12 years of technical recruiting.
Now at your service.

We’ve been working our muscles in tech recruitment for more than 12 years. So we built quite the know-how on finding and hiring top people in tech. If you need great engineers fast, we can deliver them to you now.

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Meet Mr and Mrs Right.

We hold a directory of highly qualified, intensely vetted tech professionals. And if we don’t have the right person for you, we can find them fast.

Here’s how we find your top people

We find everything about your tech needs

The first and most important part is finding out what you’re looking for. We’ll sit down and ask you questions, gather data about your tech needs, and then we start looking.

We find engineers that fit those tech needs

We take a look at our database of tech professionals. All of them are already vetted by us, and have gone through tests and interviews. If no one in our database fits your requirements, we recruit new people. Once we find the right talent, we’ll pass them onto you. You’re free to interview and evaluate them yourselves.

You get the talent, hassle-free. We take care of hiring other boring and complicated stuff.

Once you’ve chosen the tech professional you want to work with, all the hassle remains in our hands. We take care of paperwork, payrolls, and any employment issues that might arise. Most of all, you don’t need to worry about training costs, benefits, or health insurance.

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Why work with Your Top People?

We’ve already found and vetted tech professionals with a variety of skills, proficiency levels, and with great English communication skills.

We’re a spin of from a software development firm. Thus, we’ve learned the hard way what are the best ways to find tech people. Our senior developers are well versed in evaluating candidates, and our managers have had lots of practice interviewing tech people.

By not doing recruitment yourself, you’re already saving a lot of money. With us, you don’t need to worry about termination costs, benefits, vacations, unemployment or any sort of hiring paperwork.

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Hear what our clients have to say

Your Top People has helped a number of companies find the right professionals for their needs. So here is some of their feedback:

Browse our database of top people. It’s free.

We hold a rich database of professionals you can choose from. And most of all, with remote work as an option, our talent pool is huge, really huge.

They’re all highly qualified

We selected tech professionals after rounds of tests, technical interviews, personality and language interviews. This, so you don’t need to spend months trying to do the same.

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Guaranteed the top people

Don’t like the professional you hired? No worries. No need to think about severance pay - or any, for that matter. We’ll take care of it, and we’ll find someone else who fits your needs.

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Build teams fast

Our database features a wide range of roles: developers, designers, project managers or testers. So if you’re in need of a fully fledged development team, we can make it happen. Fast.

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Find the right talent for all the roles in your project

Sounds good? How about you give it a try.

Answering a few questions will help us know what you’re looking for.

The rest, well, we take care of it.

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