You tell us who you’re looking for, we find the right top people.

So how does this really work?

Finding the best engineers is not easy. Everything starts with you telling us all about your ideal candidate. After that we work our magic to get you the perfect match.

We find out what you’re looking for 1

We contact you and talk about who you’re looking for, what kind of project you need them for, which skills you need, and more. This way, we create a clear profile.

We find candidates based on your ideal profile 2

We go through our database of tech professionals to find someone who matches your request. If we don’t find any matches, we find someone new.

You make the final hiring decision 3

You’ll get a list of candidates you can choose from. You can interview them again, or ask for other people. Once you choose someone, we take care of the rest.

Who makes all of this happen?


Our recruiters are in charge of headhunting and screening. Essentiallly, they look at a lot of resumes. And they know how to detect professionals with potential.

HR Managers

They oversee the entire process, take charge, and make sure our goals are met. They’re in charge of setting up this process and handling the final assessment.

Senior Developers

Our senior developers will hold coding tests and technical interviews. This way, we make sure the applicants have the right skills - they’ll be vetted by the best.


The copywriter will make sure our job ads and messages sound appealing to potential applicants. Because sometimes they need convincing :)

We have a tried and tested scouting and evaluation process.

We’ve been hiring and working with tech professionals for more than 12 years.

And we’ve learned a lot in the process. So here is a run-down of how we do it:



We decide what we need in terms of skills, experience, qualities and so on. We choose where the hiring ads will go up, who will be in charge of screening.


CV Screening

Our recruiter looks through all the CVs we get, to find the right people for the role. Nothing on the hiring ad is overlooked - we try to find the full package.



Based on the skills required (this applies to dev or designer positions), our senior employees will oversee skill tests and evaluate the results.



When we know for sure they’re qualified, we hold interviews regarding their technical and interpersonal skills. This way, we can know for sure they’re the right fit.



Lastly, when we have the final candidates in front of us, we make them offers based on their skill level and your budget.

Why does this work?

We’ve been doing it this way for 12 years. And counting.

Because we are a spin-off of a software company, we know the drill. Hiring tech people is not easy, nor is it fast. But we’ve created our own process, which helped us find incredible team members.

We don’t look at technical skills only. Soft skills are also key.

We like seeing candidates well-versed in their technologies. But you know what we like more? People who work well in teams, who come up with solutions, and who don’t back down. And we know how to find that.

We challenge applicants with tests. Or homework, if you may.

Every applicant we get goes through a rigurous real life testing round, which they complete at home. So we know they hold the skills we need.

We’ve hired enough people to see the signs.

We hold multiple interviews with our candidates to see if they’re the right match personality-wise. And since we’ve been doing this for so long, we know when they’re the right people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unclear about how all of this works? Here are answers to a couple of common questions we get. To know more, contact us.

Sounds good? How about you give it a try.

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The rest, well, we take care of it.

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