Because we can do it better

Recruitment takes a long time and costs a lot of money. And it doesn’t always guarantee you’ll find the right employee. So pass the risk to us and tap into our pool of talented engineers.

Three more resons to let us be your staffing solution.

Not convinced? What if we told you that hiring professionals with us is fast, well done and proven? Here are some of the top reasons why.

We’ve been doing it for a loooong time 1

We’ve been recruiting software engineers exclusively since 2010. And we’ve hired a lot of tech people, so we know the best recruitment strategies.

We have a loooong list of top people 2

We hold a database of pre-vetted professionals with a high variety of skills. If your project requires a specific technology, we most likely have someone for you.

You don’t have to wait a loooong time 3

Traditional recruitment can take months, with no guarantee you’ll find who you need. With us you focus on your work, and we find staff for you really fast.

And three reasons why you shouldn’t do it yourself.

Don’t get stuck with permanent employees for short projects.

Hiring temp talent is best suited for short term, but time sensitive projects. And since we’ll be taking care of the entire staffing process you can focus on your core business.

Save up on a lot of hiring and employment costs.

When you’re hiring with us, you don’t need to pay for the employee’s benefits, vacations or health insurance - we’ll take care of it. Plus recruiting is free.

Forget all about any post-hiring hassle.

You might realize you don’t like the employee. Normally, you’d deal with termination costs - but not with us. We’ll find you a replacement free of charge.

Why startups and large businesses like working with us

We’ve already been working with startups and larger businesses for 12 years, and we know how to discuss and meet their needs.

Get tech teams fast. All roles.

We can build you an entire tech team in no time. While you do your own awesome work, our team does all the recruitment wheel turning and finds the best talent for you.

Clear budgets.

You’ll know, up front, exactly how much it’ll cost to build your ideal tech team. No hidden costs, no unexpected payments, and no extra hiring stress.

Small risk.

We put a lot of time and work into recruiting qualified, talented and friendly people. And despite that, if you won’t like who you hire, we’ll find someone else in no time.

It’s what we do best

Our 12 years of experience helped us see the ins and outs of software recruitment. Enough to be able to deliver for companies like yours.

1k Resumes per
120k People in our
5k Tech people
127 Companies

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Your Top People has helped a number of companies find the right professionals for their needs. So here is some of their feedback:

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