About Us

We, at Your Top People, have been working our muscles in tech recruitment since 2010. We’re here to help companies like yours find the professionals they need, without spending months doing recruitment.

Our story and how we got here

Your Top People is part of UPDIVISION, a software development company from Romania founded in 2010. Throughout the years, we’ve strived to help businesses around the world solve complex software challenges and disrupt industries.

Now, Your Top People has come to life. After so many years of software recruitment for UPDIVISION, we decided to let this side of us get on its own feet: doing recruitment and staffing for businesses looking to scale up their technical team fast.

What sets us apart from other recruiting companies is our passion and hands-on experience. As being a spin-off of a software outsourcing company, we’ve hired many developers, project managers or designers throughout the years. It wasn’t always easy, but through both positive and negative experiences, we learned the best ways to find who we’re looking for. So now, we want to find the right people for you.

Here are the values that guide us.

  1. Honesty. We strive to be honest and open in our interactions with one another, whether with clients, with candidates or internally. And most of all, we’re always fully transparent with our candidates, and expect the same from them.
  2. Excellence. We’re called ‘Your Top People’ for a reason. We recruit highly qualified people, with a solid portfolio, refrences, and work ethic. And we want them to go on and create awesome things for our clients.
  3. Commitment. Our job is to help businesses recruit tech people. So we dedicate our time to their needs and keep looking until we find the talent they’re looking for.

Sounds good? How about you give it a try.

Answering a few questions will help us know what you’re looking for.

The rest, well, we take care of it.

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